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The Church provides a medium service to all. Come and see and be amazed and feel free in the presence of the spirit.

Absent healing

Some people seem to think that this type of healing is less effective than contact healing, this is a fallacy. The energy is just as powerful as if the healer were present.

Here at Gateway CS Church we have a team of dedicated healers who send out absent / distant healing on a regular basis. There have been excellent results, and we know the intercession assist many people this way.

The names of those who have  requested this form of healing remain on the healing book for 6 weeks.

We do like to receive feedback, this helps us to thank the healing guides.

If you would like us to place you on the healing list, please contact us for more information or simply send us an email with your details.




Absent and distant Healing

Don’t think that contact healing is the only way. Experience the distant or absent healing way.

Medium service



Divine service

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